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  • Taylor Luallen, LMSW

    Taylor is a Licensed Master Social Worker. She is a graduate of both Stevenson University and University Of Maryland, Baltimore with her bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Social Work. She primarily works with children, teens, and young adults who are having difficulties navigating life due to symptoms of depression, anxiety, and/or trauma. Outside of Taylors primary specialties, her goal is to create a safe and brave space for individuals to find power in the parts of their story that have been uncomfortable for them. 

    I believe that everyone’s journey to sifting through trauma and navigating growth is unique. This is why finding power in your personal narrative is so important. We often forget how vital the journey is and how much we hold on emotionally, mentally, and physically so much so that a lot of responses become unhealthy automatic responses or defense mechanisms. Taylor believes everyone has the power to not only understand their actions, thoughts, and feelings, but learn how to better show up for themselves, respond to and process life’s challenges in a healthy way. She believes therapy’s purpose is to empower individuals from all walks of life including ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religious backgrounds. 

    Taylor’s work is centered in the belief that each and every narrative within our personal journey is beautifully unique and the notion that without mud a lotus can not bloom. Those narratives may look and feel challenging at times but they aid in how we intentionally live our lives. Taylor believes that therapy helps us understand those narratives in a brave space. She approaches her practice from a mindfulness, trauma informed, and cognitive behavioral focused lens. Through this work, she is able to work in power with each client that allows her to be a part of their healing journey through not only exploring their life experiences, but finding ways to cope with those experiences impact the present moment. Together, they can unpack behaviors, recognize feelings, and connect deeper with their thoughts. She hopes to work in power with clients to create intentional empowering and compassionate spaces of healing. 

    Taylor is currently accepting clients with BCBS and Self-pay. 

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