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  • Jasmine Yandoc, LMSW

    Jasmine Yandoc, LMSW is a Licensed Master Social Worker. She is fully licensed in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Jasmine is an informed Dialectical Behavioral Therapist (DBT) that has completed specialized training in delivering  a dialectical approach to therapy. A DBT assumption that she carries with her is, “Everyone is doing the best the can.”. Her view of therapy is meeting others where they are currently at in their lives and allowing them to see the skills and strengths they already possess. 

    Jasmine’s experience as an elementary school counselor and adult counselor shows her passion to help people no mater what stage of life they are in through a holistic therapeutic approach. Jasmine has experience working with several diagnoses to include but not limited to borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, major depression, anxiety, and adjustment disorders.   

     “I believe that you already possess the inner strength and resilience to overcome life’s challenges. My role is to help recognize, navigate and utilize these strengths to promote positive change and personal growth within your life. Everyone’s experiences are different, and there is not just one approach to therapy for everyone. With my approach to therapy, I am flexible and I will provide a non judgmental safe place while working with you to find the best methods that will resonate with your uniqueness. I believe in the power of collaboaration  and I views therapy as a partnership together we can reach you goals.” 

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